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        Scientific Conferences
        MRI Educational Material
        NEU Center for Imaging
        SPIN software
        » ISNVD San Francisco 2014
        » Voices of Progress/Les Voix du Progres 2013

        A National Center of Excellence in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

        Our goal is to create a center of excellence with a National impact focused on neuro-imaging, neurodegenerative disease and neuro-vascular research that will be centered in Detroit. This unique facility will enhance the role of the State of Michigan in the area of biomedical research as it applies to new imaging technologies. The center will use the resources of the MRI Institute, Wayne State UniversityLoma Linda University, Xuan Wu Hospital and many other collaborators. Vascular disease afflicts people of all ages, but more so the middle aged and elderly. Prevention of disease (such as atherosclerosis or multiple sclerosis), monitoring disease (such as tumor angiogenesis) and conventional diagnosis (for general vascular problems, aging, trauma and stroke) remain among the highest priority in patient care. MRI offers an exquisite means to non-invasively image the vascular system.

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